Schools Programme


Title: Arts 2 Hearts project

Duration: Ideally 5-days programme

Art forms: dance, music & visual art

Facilitators: 2 Ugandan artists

Target group: primary & high schools (ages between 7 and 15)

Activities: workshops, discussions, performance and exhibition


Why embrace the School Programme

‘One great artistic day in a child’s life can change their entire perspective on things.’


Engagement with a different culture

This project offers a chance for young people to explore art through a Ugandan perspective and be connected with the African world. They will get the opportunity to get a glimpse of a different culture, and explore how arts play part in the everyday life of a Ugandan.


Different form of education

Arts and culture are a great magnet to re-engage young people besides the formal education, like the courses Math, Science, and Languages etc. It gives them another perspective, helps them to relax and this creative break out of the ‘normal classes’ can even make them concentrate better.  The project believes that it’s important to nature and promote artistic talent & creativity which is already inside of young people. They just need the right support to let these talents shine. In various communities, like schools, the arts & cultural sector is still not given the priority as it deserves.


Within the project we promote equality at all different levels and types, like male, female, disabled, ethical races etc. The statement ‘every single individual is unique’, will be key during the whole programme. We endeavour to de-campaign stereotypes, gender inequality, racial segregation and show young people, through art, how every person is unique and can contribute to creative art.



Due to a lot of movement (dance!), this 5 day programme will contribute to the health and physical condition of young people. The participants will speak English during the whole week, so this will be a great advantage for their language development. Furthermore, the project will result in personal development, teamwork, promotion of self-awareness, develop confidence and tolerance for being different. It’s about breaking barriers, learning and sharing. The participants will share their dreams about life, and the most important: they will have a lot of fun!