Testimony of little Emin- a refugee from Middle East

Teacher Elfriede Koenen-Sliwka from Ennigerloh shared a story about Emin a refugee from middle East. The young boy had troubles embedding into the Germany culture and society. Just like most of the refugees, he didn’t know the language and communication problems made it even harder for him to blend in. However, during the Afrika project by arts 2 hearts in 2014, he got a chance to encounter The drum during Joel Balimaya’s class ( arts 2 hearts mentor). Immediately, this was the ice breaking moment for him, a chance to connect with other kids and school in general. the teachers noticed his enthusiasm with the drum and therefore always used it as a tool to engage with him.  Teacher Elfriede continues to say that there is great positive energy from the project and everyone is affected differently but definitely no one remains untouched. Arts are a Universal language and they work greatly as a weapon for bridging gaps.  Unfortunately; little Emin was one day dropped off at the airport with his family in order to return to his home country. Teachers & students were sad because he wasn’t even given chance to say bye… However, the project still remains as one of his unforgettable experience in Germany.